Welcome to Ecopods The new way of ecological cleaning with hydrosoluble capsules!

Small Pods. Big Difference

How it started

It all started in 2017. Raf, founder and creator of Ecopods, saw for years the harmful effects of using traditional cleaning products on people, environment and material. It therefore became his mission to develop a safe, ecological, and efficiant cleaning product.

With his many years of experience in the industry, as a cleaning manufacturer and as a cleaning company, he saw the opportunity, together with a manufacturer of professional cleaning products, to develop a revolutionary line for household use.

Central to this development was the household cleaner, they eventually work with products all day long and experience the harmful effects of traditional cleaning products the most, such as dry hands, stinging eyes, etc…

We are raising our aim even higher…

After careful testing, developing and customization, Ecopods was launched in 2019. Raf was able to raise his aim even higher by packing the concentrated product in a water-soluble capsule. This enabled him to avoid having to pack his product in a disposable plastic bottle. He also launched a life-time bottle which you can reuse indefinitely.

Ecopods became the pioneer of zero-waste packaging for cleaning products. This plastic-free packaging has many more advantages than you might think. You do not buy water but a super concentrated cleaning product. You are not buying disposable plastic, but a sustainable reusable bottle. This way you save 92% CO2 because we only transport the capsule and no water (traditional cleaning products contain at least 80% water). You save 91% waste because the reusable bottles which last for years. And you need 95% less space to store the products. So win-win-win.

Loud and clear

From Raf’s professional experience, he knew that quality also manifests itself in clarity and simplicity. His product line therefore had to be kept compact and use the color codes that are used internationally in the professional cleaning world. Blue stands for All Purpose Cleaner, yellow for Degreaser, red for Bathroom Cleaner and green for the Floor Cleaner.

Our capsule is made according to a European patented method. With these Zero-Waste capsules, you always have the perfect dose, no more mess.

Hard on dirt, gentle on the user

Most importantly for cleaning products is that they clean well, that is why our products are packed with natural active ingredients that are real powerhouses against dirt. They are tough on dirt but are gentle on the user and materials.

And the winner is you…

Ecopods are biodegradable and our products minimize your and our ecological footprint. You avoid unnecessary plastic waste, no unnecessary harmful ingredients and your house is also spotless.